Unsere Oldies


UK CH Kentwood Cymro. Born 1954. Breeder and owner was famous Sonnica Godden.


UK CH Parmel Digger,born 1963.was Cymro’s son. Breeder: Parkinson/Ownner:Peter Clifton


CH Talbot’s Pilot Programme, son of CH Robgwen Destiny and greatgrandson to Parmel Digger.breeder:Margaret Sullivan, USA, born: 1974


UK CH Wendac Robgwen Midnight Special. Breeder:Mrs. Gwen Roberts, born: 1969


UK CH Joseter Mudwin, breeder: Peter Clifton. born: 1971


UK CH Pharaoh of Joseter, son of CH Joseter Mudwin, breeder:?owner: Peter Clifton. Born: 1973


UK CH Jezalin Top Brass.Breeder:late Pamela Walker.Born: 1981


UK CH Beckrow Clue Cedar with late Sandra Tonkyn
Breeder: late Sandra Tonkyn. born: 1985.


UK CH Antoc Gabriel of Grangefield, breeder: Aileen Speding,owner:Doreen Paige.Geb.1990. Er war ein Urenkel von Jezalin Top Brass und Wendac Robgwen Midnight Special

more Oldies will come soon


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